PA Campaign

Frack Action is working with affected residents and local organizations in Pennsylvania to stop the terrible harms of fracking. Countless residents have been sickened, lost their water, and had their lives turned upside down by drilling and fracking.

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has confirmed more than 280 cases of water contamination in the state. The state is home to the small town of Dimock, which is a sort of ground zero for fracking. Dimock residents suffered serious water contamination and health impacts going back around a decade. It was featured in the documentary Gasland, and the state Department of Environmental Protection instituted a 9-mile moratorium on the primary drilling company there after finding that drilling and fracking operations caused water contamination.Julia Walsh speaks at microphone, supporters hold bottle of brown water and sign "Clean Water & Justice for Dimock"

In 2016, the Pennsylvania Medical Society called for a statewide moratorium on fracking – unanimously approved by the 300-member House of Delegates – given public health risks and harms. Read more

We most recently worked with impacted community members from Dimock, Pennsylvania to pressure PA Attorney General Josh Shapiro to force the fracking company responsible for water contamination to build a water pipeline from a neighboring area and won.


Frack Action is proud to be a member of Pennsylvanians Against Fracking, a coalition working to stop fracking and supporting affected residents across Pennsylvania. The coalition is building the movement and leading the fight to stop fracking in Pennsylvania, where drilling and fracking have caused so much water contamination, air pollution, and made so many families sick.