NY Campaign

Frack Action is working with campaigns in New York State on the transition away from fossil fuels and on to renewable energy. Learn more about the campaigns below.

Better Buildings
New York

Better Buildings New York

Better Buildings New York (BBNY) is a network of organizations for the equitable decarbonization of homes and buildings in New York State. We are committed to environmental justice and a just transition to all-electric homes and buildings.

Buildings account for one-third of New York’s greenhouse gas emissions. That’s because most of us still warm our spaces, cook our food, and heat our water by burning fossil fuels right inside our buildings. “Better buildings” means housing, workplaces, and schools that are affordable, comfortable, free of indoor pollution, and environmentally sustainable. Better buildings also contribute to resilient, prosperous communities by ensuring the rights of tenants and undocumented residents are protected and that generational wealth can be built by Black and Brown households.

We are working together to equitably phase out fossil fuels in homes and buildings in our state and to ensure that New Yorkers can afford to switch to modern geothermal and cold-climate air source heat pumps and electric or induction stoves — a process called beneficial electrification. Our mission is to accelerate policy change in New York State and replace dangerous, polluting, climate-changing gas and fossil fuels with cleaner, healthier, renewable alternatives.

Renewable Heat Now

Renewable Heat Now

Renewable Heat Now is a campaign organized by Alliance for a Green Economy, New Yorkers for Clean Power, NY-GEO, HeatSmart Tompkins, Fossil Free Tompkins, Sane Energy Project, Frack Action, Pace Energy and Climate Center, Network for a Sustainable Tomorrow, Earthjustice, Mothers Out Front, NYPIRG, Climate Solutions Accelerator of the Genesee-Finger Lakes Region, Acadia Center, Food and Water Action, Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter, All Our Energy, Kinetic Communities Consulting, Climate Reality Project New York State Chapters Coalition, and NYC 2030 District.

We have joined together to accelerate the adoption of ground-source (geothermal) and air-source heat pumps in New York to reduce the amount of fossil fuels used to heat and cool our homes and workplaces. We educate the public about heat pumps. We also advocate for New York State policies that will enable all New Yorkers to afford to make the switch to these renewable-ready heating and cooling technologies.

New Yorkers
Clean Power

In our work to advance renewable energy, Frack Action is also a founding member of the New Yorkers for Clean Power campaign. Learn more about how New York State is leading the clean energy transition and how you can get involved at NYCP’s website here

New Yorkers
Against Fracking

Natalie Merchant standing in front of New Yorkers Against Fracking sign

In 2012, Frack Action co-founded New Yorkers Against Fracking, a major coalition of organizations, businesses, and faith leaders calling for a ban on fracking. The coalition quickly became a driving force for organizing and education ultimately won the ban on fracking. New Yorkers Against Fracking is now working to help stop gas infrastructure projects including pipelines, compressor stations, and gas storage. The coalition has grown to over 250 organizations, 1,500 businesses, and 300 faith leaders.