Ireland and Northern Ireland Anti-Fracking Campaign

After banning fracking in New York in 2014, Frack Action’s team traveled to Ireland to assist with the fracking ban there. We met with frontline local grassroots groups and shared our stories and strategies about how we worked to win a ban in New York. We introduced health professionals to their health professionals and supported the campaign whenever and however we could.

In 2017 after two years of working together, the Irish government unanimously passed a fracking ban and protected the Emerald Isle’s water, air, land and public health in the Republic of Ireland. It was celebrated throughout the world!

Frack Action members join protesters in Ireland and hold signs against fracking.

In Northern Ireland, we are continuing to work with groups, who we met on our first journey to the island in 2015. The crisis in the North unfortunately continues. We have joined a new campaign called the International Solidarity Campaign to Ban Fracking in Northern Ireland and have worked to pressure elected leaders there to take action to stop it. You can find out more about the current situation in NI at

Frack Action is working with allies in Ireland and Northern Ireland to stop fracking and LNG import terminals.