Frack Action is a non-profit organization working to protect our water, air, and public health from the dangerous practice of gas drilling and fracking. Frack Action works on the transition away from fossil fuels including gas plants, pipelines, compressor stations, LNG imports and exports and is engaged in the advancement of renewable energy. In New York we are helping to mobilize the transition off burning gas and other fossil fuels in our homes and buildings.


We are engaged in a public awareness campaign aimed at exposing the truth about fracking and building a grassroots movement to reach the critical mass necessary to move off fracked gas and onto renewables.  

Frack Action History

Frack Action started in 2010 as an emergency response to prevent fracking from coming to New York State and was founded in order to create a full-time organizing team dedicated to mobilizing citizens to stop fracking statewide. We were integral to the historic ban on fracking in New York and we have helped build awareness nationally and internationally about the risks and harms of fracking, and getting the truth out in spite of the oil and gas industry’s high-dollar advertising campaigns.

We are dedicated to  building a powerful citizens movement to create the better future that we know is necessary and possible.