Frack Action is a proud founding member organization of two important coalitions, New Yorkers Against Fracking and Americans Against Fracking.

nataliemerchant2In 2012, Frack Action co-founded New Yorkers Against Fracking, a major coalition of organizations, businesses, and faith leaders calling for a ban on fracking. The coalition quickly became a driving force for organizing and education geared toward winning the ban on fracking. New Yorkers Against Fracking is now working to help stop gas infrastructure projects including pipelines, compressor stations, and gas storage. The coalition has grown to over 250 organizations, 1,500 businesses, and 300 faith leaders. Visit the coalition website to learn more.

aaf-imageIn 2013, Frack Action joined with other state and national allies to launch Americans Against Fracking, a bold national coalition for a ban on fracking. Americans Against Fracking has emerged as a powerful voice to stop fracking, organizing major actions, petition drives, and employing a range of strategies to get the word out about the harms of fracking. Learn more at the website.

paagainstfrackingFrack Action is proud to be a member of Pennsylvanians Against Fracking, a coalition working to stop fracking and help affected residents across Pennsylvania. The coalition is building the movement and leading the fight to stop fracking in Pennsylvania, where drilling and fracking have caused so much water contamination, air pollution, and made so many families sick.nycp-image

In our work to advance renewable energy, Frack Action is also pleased to be a founding member of the New Yorkers for Clean Power campaign. Learn more about how New York State is leading the clean energy transition and how you can get involved.