Content coming soon. Here are some good studies and reports:

ProPublica investigative reporting series on fracking.

From Earthworks, major oil and gas industry exemptions from environmental laws: “The oil and gas industry’s exclusions and exemptions to major environmental statutes.”

From Environmental Working Group about the chemicals used in fracking fluids and the terrifying quantities of those chemicals:

US Congressional Report on the chemicals used in fracking and investigations that have taken place about those chemicals and their exemptions from basic environmental protections:

Riverkeeper report on hundreds of cases of pollution and environmental destruction around the country:

Food & Water Watch detailed report “Case For a Ban on Fracking” –

Common Cause report on campaign contributions from the oil and gas industry and details about lobbying expenditures:

EPA links fracking and water contamination in Pavillion, WY:

Nature Conservance report on impacts of fracking to forest resources and how fracking would fragment and degrate state forests and wildlife:

Cornell University study from Dr. Bob Howarth et. al. about the reality that natural gas is a dirty fossil fuel, not better than coal and oil for the climate: